A Library Wedding

My. First. Wedding. YES! I loved this so much. This couple wanted a quick intimate wedding in the Madison library. We got some wonderful locations shots and then headed over to the capital. I’m now in love with wedding photography. If you know any soon to be brides and grooms, send them my way, because…

Downtown Madtown

What’s better than one stellar kid? How about three stellar kids! I love this family, and I love this city, so it made for a perfect fall evening.

When in Wisconsin…Beer

My first 5k! Well not running one, but shooting one. These folks were true champs to come out in the cold and run for a beer. I’m a huge fan of even photography, and so getting this gig was AWESOME for me.

Chi-Town My Town

Chi-town. Windy city. Home of Portillo’s and deep dish. When I lived here I hardly played tourist. I was up and down the brown line everyday traveling to class, and barely took notice to the many amazing things this city has to offer. We took the weekend to explore an be true tourists of the…

Waunakee Shenanigans

Family photo sessions make me so happy! Look at this adorable family. They came to the session ready to rock and roll, and look at their color coordination. We were all over Waunakee’s downtown area, and the true rockstar was the little guy in the red.

I Get Jazzed About Light

  Sometimes I get nervous about lighting. If you’re a photographer you know what I mean. If you aren’t outside you can’t control the light as well, but there was no need for that here! The light worked in our favor.

Autumn Photo Session

Two little girls, with A LOT of energy led this photo session. It was wonderful! They were jumping and running and smiling….Perfect.

Avant + Garde Year End Showcase

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a dancer. I don’t dance myself anymore, but I run a wonderful dance company with my friend Victoria called Avant + Garde. In June we had our second year end show. Here’s a few shots from that.

That Morning Light

It’s been really fun this year for me, because I’ve now established a wonderful base of clients who I get to see every year for their yearly sessions. This is one of those families. This little girl is so adventurous and I love trying to keep up with her every move. Also the light at…

My First Senior Portrait!

This girl started my senior portrait session advertisement and business! Fun fact I’ve known this girl since she was really little. She was in the first class I’ve ever taught as a dance instructor over 10 years ago. The costume was this ugly green thing… but let’s not talk about that.