She IS Fierce: Kailey

Meet Kailey (my sis)! She’s got a lot to say, and does a pretty cool job now…even if I have no idea what it is she ACTUALLY does. ha. Name Kailey Draves Age 26 Career/Business/Art Aerospace Engineering Title (If applicable) Production Support Engineer Location Grand Rapids, Michigan Website/Social Media aerogirl12 – Instagram Degrees B.S. Aerospace…

She IS Fierce: Janelle

My first guest blogger is Janelle! Janelle and I go way back to high school and bonded in art class. She’s now a podcast host, artist, and education coordinator! Also, don’t forget to check out her art even “Oh, Yes She Did” this winter. She talks about it more below, but both my dance company…

She IS Fierce Blog Series Is Here!

It’s Here! The She IS Fierce blog series. LD kicks it off, but stay tuned for three more weeks and three more amazing women who tell their stories.

Senior Ambassador Program

This coming year is going to AWESOME for LDP. 2018 was great, but 2019 …well I have LOTS of plans. One of those plans is to grow my senior ambassador program. I currently have 3 senior ambassadors. 1 for the class of 2019, and 2 for the class of 2020. This fall we did a…

A Library Wedding

My. First. Wedding. YES! I loved this so much. This couple wanted a quick intimate wedding in the Madison library. We got some wonderful locations shots and then headed over to the capital. I’m now in love with wedding photography. If you know any soon to be brides and grooms, send them my way, because…

T-Swift. Bourbon. Horses.

Kentucky! A quick weekend in the land of bourbon, horses and T-Swift…well while we were there Tay-Tay was there. I took some sweet shots of the local culture and endured in some bourbon on the bourbon trail.  

AGDC – My Other Child

Hey. If you haven’t yet, you should go head over to the Avant + Garde Dance Company web page. This is my other business and my other “baby”. I love starting businesses and I love sessions with the girls I teach.