Lindsey Draves: Photographer| Side Hustler | Artist

Hi Lovely!

I’m Lindsey Draves



I work in finance as my full time gig (student loans, ya know?), but have been creating businesses since I was in college. Some good, some bad. ALWAYS an adventure. ALWAYS a journey.

My current and most persistent passion is photography. Something I’ve been doing since I was very young (sorry about all the film rolls I wasted at that Mickey concert in the mall, mom!), and I love, love, LOVE, it. I’m also a choreographer, whose most recent side hustles have been dance centric. Ashli – Mari Dance Company, and Avant + Garde Dance Company.

I LOVE my clients, their the best part of all of this. Meeting people. Hearing their stories…there is nothing better then creating good art around good people!

I’m always looking to take on new clients. If you’re interested in working with me, scroll to the menu and select “work with me” and drop me a note. If you are like “Huh, what kind of work does she do?”, head over to the “gallery” and “video”pages. They’ll give an idea of my style. If you’re interested in how I keep this crazy life going, and learning more about some of the business lessons I’ve learned over the years, head to my blog. If you just want to see me IRL, follow me below on Instagram and Facebook.

Client Highlight: Neve

Fun story about my client Neve and fam. I’ve known them for a VERY long time. Like, they saw me in diapers, long time! I’m super happy that when I started taking up photography in a serious way a few years back that they reached out to me and gave me a shot.

Seriously, they saw me use a not so great camera and without even knowing it, helped me work through some of those detail questions that had I not had a client, I wouldn’t have even known it would have been a thing. (What dpi should I use? How do I crop a photo in lightroom? etc.)

I love catching up with them every year. It’s fun because they watched me grow up, and now I get to watch Neve grow up through the lens of my camera. 🙂

The Importance of a Headshot

I’ve talked about it before, but I’ll talk about it again, you MUST have an up to date headshot. I re-take mine all the time, as I think it’s important that the image I have out in the world is an accurate representation of me. This isn’t just for my side hustles, this includes my 9-5 job as well (uh hello LinkedIn)

I know it’s a pain, and it takes time. Also it can get expensive to have to re-do your headshot every year. However, if you can’t afford a photog, or you need something quick to update your brand, here are some tips to get a good headshot of yourself using your phone.

Find A Friend

Hopefully you don’t have to ACTUALLY go make a new friend for this to happen, but my point is that selfies just don’t cut it. You can also get a tripod/monopod, and this should do the trick as well.

Good Lighting

It’s always all about the light. Back lighting can get tricky as you need to find that sweet spot. I would find a big window or patio door with a ton of natural light coming through, and face it.

No Harsh Light

Don’t take your photo in direct sunlight outside. The light is too harsh on your face, and all the “bad” features you point out to yourself in the mirror, will somehow look 10 times worse.

Birds Eye View

If you’re worried about looking too heavy, take the photo so that the phone is looking down at you. This usually slims out any problem points, and gives a flattering vantage point.

Until next time. Keep it Fun. Make it Classy. Stay Authentic. 

Client Highlight: DSO Connect

This summer I had the pleasure of photographing a WONDERFUL group of women who have started their own business together. Dance Studio Owner Connect.

Though I’m out of the dance game right now, dancers still seem to find me and I love it! If you haven’t already go take a look at their website! If you’re a dance studio owner, you should consider getting tuned in to this wonderful group of women! Click the button below to visit their website

How to prep you kids for a photo session

Hi lovely! Hope you’re having a great day. Today we’re going to be talking about how to prep your kiddo for a photo session.

I know. Impossible. Stressful. Impractical.

Here’s the thing, kids will be kids. I get it you want the perfect photo, and you want them to look at least presentable and hopefully smiling, but at the end of the day they may just not do this for you. Seriously.

When I’m going into a session with small children (think 8ish and under), I know my time is VERY limited. We have a half hour max to get staged photos, and within those 30 minutes about 5 of those minutes are good, and they come in 6 minute intervals. It’s constantly changing. It’s all about going with the flow.

I will suggest to clients that we meet at a park where we can walk around. I always try to find 3 different “mini locations” within the one big location, and we keep moving. This constant state of movement will buy us another 15-30 minutes of prime picture time s, because being on the move helps keep those little one entertained.

With that in mind, here’s the items I would bring with to a photo session for kids 8 and under.

How to prep for a photos session of your young kiddo

  • Pack an extra set of clothes (just in case).
  • Put them in “move-able” clothing.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Headbands and those things rarely stay in place.
  • Look for locations you can move around a bunch.
  • Be prepared for unexpected tears.
  • Wear something nice yourself, you may want a picture with the little one as well.

Until next time. Keep it Fun. Make it Classy. Stay Authentic.