Hi Lovely!

I’m Lindsey Draves

I’m a serial entrepreneur, with a passion for art.

A Madison photographer, side hustler, dog mom, traveler and lover of light. Creating is what I do, and I’m happiest when I can share that with all of you!

I work in finance as my full time gig (student loans, ya know?), but have been creating businesses since I was in college. Some good, some bad. ALWAYS an adventure. ALWAYS a journey.

My current and most persistent passion is photography. Something I’ve been doing since I was very young (sorry about all the film rolls I wasted at that Mickey concert in the mall, mom!), and I love, love, LOVE, it. I’m also a choreographer, whose most recent side hustles have been dance centric. Ashli – Mari Dance Company, and Avant + Garde Dance Company.

I LOVE my clients, their the best part of all of this. Meeting people. Hearing their stories…there is nothing better then creating good art around good people!

I’m always looking to take on new clients. If you’re interested in working with me, scroll to the menu and select “work with me” and drop me a note. If you are like “Huh, what kind of work does she do?”, head over to the “gallery” and “video”pages. They’ll give an idea of my style. If you’re interested in how I keep this crazy life going, and learning more about some of the business lessons I’ve learned over the years, head to my blog. If you just want to see me IRL, follow me below on Instagram and Facebook.