Hi I’m Lindsey!

I’m an expert at the creative process, an accounting nerd, and obsessed with great light, good art, and all things business.

I like IPAs, hot yoga, and Taylor Swift. I believe going barefoot > wearing shoes, four legged fur babies are people too, and that you should never buy clothes at full price.

I like art. I always have. I work in finance to pay the bills, but also because I kind of like it (shhh don’t tell anyone!). However, you’ll see me shooting sessions on the weekends, or arm dancing on my way to work when “that” song comes on, and I just can’t pass up putting a couple 8 counts to.

I’m a trained dancer and choreographer with 20+ years of education and experience. I started two dance companies from scratch, both a for profit and non profit, that really took my director and choreographer skills to the next level. I’ve been obsessed with photography since I was reaaaaaaal young, and am pretty proud of my portfolio these days. I’ve been shooting professionally for 4+ years now, and I have to say my clients are the best.

I have a Bachelor of Science in commerce from DePaul University, and a Master of Accountancy from The Ohio State University. I like numbers. I’m about 8+ years into my corporate finance career, where spreadsheets are my jam and cleverly crafted emails are my thing. I have a unique perspective (left brain/right brain), and I like that.

If you want to work with me, shoot me a note. lindsey@lindseydraves.com