Hi I’m Lindsey!

I’m a A Madison, Wisconsin girl who turned her passion for the arts into successful side hustles.

I’m an expert at the creative process, an accounting nerd, and obsessed with great light, good art, and all things business.

I like IPAs, hot yoga, and Taylor Swift. I believe going barefoot > wearing shoes, love is all you need, and that you should never buy clothes at full price.

Fall is my favorite season, especially when paired with a good cup of coffee. Scarlett, my rescue dog, is the four legged love of my life and lovingly leaves her fur all over my clothes ( fur-glam).

I currently own a growing photography business. With clients who are more like family, then customers.

I’m a trained dancer and choreographer with 20+ years of education and experience. I have two dance companies under my belt, with lessons learned that feel more like badges of honor.

I have a bachelor of science in commerce from DePaul University, and a Master of Accountancy from The Ohio State Univeristy.

With 8+ years of corporate finance experience, where spreadsheets are my jam and cleverly crafted emails are my thing.

If you want to work with me click on the link below.

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