New Year, New Vibes

Happy New Year! Happy 2020!

With a new year we have a perfect opportunity to create new goals, have fresh starts, and plan for the year ahead. I always find it an exciting time of year now that I’m in my 30’s and things have started to shift into perspective. Whereas in my 20’s this time of year was full of angst, and endless goals of “If I just lose 10 more pounds”.

You might have noticed that things on my website and social media have been a little on the down low. That’s been on purpose.

2019 for me was a time of focusing on my health, getting my mental space right, and finding a balance between work and life. It’s hard. I would venture to guess most of you reading this blog post have struggled with this as well. Self care and putting yourself first…before your family, before your friends, before your work…it’s hard stuff.

For 2020 my goal is to continue to balance (the best I can), and that means I take time to do things that help my health and continue to trend to getting healthy instead of always having a physical side effect from the intense stress I put my body through in my 20’s. This also means that after much contemplation, I have decided to continue my “side hustles”, but with a much more structured vibe.

With that in mind you are going to notice that my website is changed a bit. I’ve invested time and money in structuring my photography packages to give my client a better experience and more value for the amount of pictures received. I’ll be offer packages for any portrait session at a flat rate, and all clients can expect to see 30-40 hand edited digital files from every session (it used to be 10-20 depending on package size), available for download with full print rights. There are some nuances, but I think this will be an incredible time saver for my clients!

You’ll also notice I’ve switched to a much more user-friendly client interface, which is called Pixieset. Pixieset makes downloading files and ordering prints so much easier for all of you, and I’m SOOOOOO excited to roll it out in full force this year. I will also be continuing to use an online client management software called Honeybook where clients can sign documents, and pay electronically.

You will also notice that dance and business are focused on my website. These are areas that I’m hoping to delve into more as the year goes on, and blog about my past experience in the dance business, and business knowledge I have. I’m hoping to land some convention gigs, or choreography opportunities, as I’ve realized in order to keep balance while I still work full time, I need flexibility that teaching a structured class, or owning a company can’t offer at this time.

I’m excited for the change. I’m excited for the year ahead. Cheers to all of you, and have a great 2020!

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