The Importance of a Headshot

I’ve talked about it before, but I’ll talk about it again, you MUST have an up to date headshot. I re-take mine all the time, as I think it’s important that the image I have out in the world is an accurate representation of me. This isn’t just for my side hustles, this includes my 9-5 job as well (uh hello LinkedIn)

I know it’s a pain, and it takes time. Also it can get expensive to have to re-do your headshot every year. However, if you can’t afford a photog, or you need something quick to update your brand, here are some tips to get a good headshot of yourself using your phone.

Find A Friend

Hopefully you don’t have to ACTUALLY go make a new friend for this to happen, but my point is that selfies just don’t cut it. You can also get a tripod/monopod, and this should do the trick as well.

Good Lighting

It’s always all about the light. Back lighting can get tricky as you need to find that sweet spot. I would find a big window or patio door with a ton of natural light coming through, and face it.

No Harsh Light

Don’t take your photo in direct sunlight outside. The light is too harsh on your face, and all the “bad” features you point out to yourself in the mirror, will somehow look 10 times worse.

Birds Eye View

If you’re worried about looking too heavy, take the photo so that the phone is looking down at you. This usually slims out any problem points, and gives a flattering vantage point.

Until next time. Keep it Fun. Make it Classy. Stay Authentic. 

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