How to look good on camera.

Hey gorgeous! What’s shakin’?! Today I’m going to be talking about what to wear and NOT wear to a portrait session. These are not rules that I looked up anywhere, and they certainly aren’t always scientific, BUT they are formulated after years of taking photos for families that I think really work.

  1. Leave the red at home. Unless you’re all in red. It sounds silly, but red is one of the only colors (see point 2) that draws the eye to it. Now, if your whole fam is in hues of red, that kind of negates the whole “don’t wear red” thing. OR you want to stick out. Then wear red. However, as a rule of thumb, stay away from it.
  2. Stay away from white, though natural earth tones look nice on camera. Whit is another one you want to avoid for the same reason as red. Accent color? Sure! However, just be careful about what shows or doesn’t show through.
  3. Wear what makes you comfortable. I get you want to look fab, but honestly you need to be comfortable, otherwise it will show on camera. I don’t mean wear sweats, but wear a shirt that makes you feel great!
  4. Avoid sleeveless or awkward cut shirts. Just trust me on this one. Unless you go to the gym 7 times a week, you want to do a double take when wearing a sleeveless shirt.
  5. Don’t over dress those toddlers. Look. I know you want them cute and perfect. However, they certainly are cute, but those close will not end up perfect. Let them be free and give them a cute outfit they can move in.
  6. Be yourself. Sounds cliche, but it’s true. Wear your best you, and the photos you want will turn out great!

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