Updated Gallery

I’ve been BUSY this summer, and I finally decided to update my website with my more recent portrait sessions.

Here’s some things you should notice about the site.

  • My web domain is now lindseydraves.com (Yep. I shortened it.)
  • My email is now lindsey@lindseydraves.com (Yep. I upgraded.)
  • I now have a dance component to my website. AKA, I want my choreography and dance business portfolio to be in a more centralized location (Yep. I organized it.)
  • I’ve got some more dance items up my sleeve (Yep. You should stay tuned.)

Things you should notice about photography

  • I’m expanding into commercial and event photography
  • I’m launching my first ever senior ambassador program
  • My pricing packages are now listed on my website for easier access for clients

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more fun things coming your way.