Family Portraits

Hey girl! How YOU doin’?! You know what you need? You need some family portraits. Why? Guuuuurl, let me tell you…in bulleted no particular order.

  • Your family is only this age ONCE 

  • Memories are important. So important that you should live them and let someone else document them for you. (*cough* *cough* ME!)

  • You KNOW you want brag about your family on FB

  • Annnnnd probably IG

  • STOP- I know you’re multitasking right now, so focus on that task…….got it? Checked it off your list? Good. Continue with the bullets.

  •  SnapChat too if we’re all being honest

  • Sure, Emily has cute kids, but people haven’t see YOUR kids (darn you make good babies)

  • Pictures are your story. You want your great-grandchildren to know how you were, don’t you?

Here’s examples of some really stinkin’ cute families LD has taken photos of in the past (I like talking in the third person for this post), make sure you hit her up at for a price list. (Pssst session start at just $150, which is basically better than a Groupon)

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