It’s Been Quiet Over Here…

Sorry about that!

I’ve been hard at work re-branding and learning new techniques, editing skills, and a whole new camera. Back in January I headed to PPA’s (Professional Photographers of America) annual trade-show/conference. It was awesome! Since then I’ve been working steadily over the last view months re-branding my business, and working on nailing down my “business formula”. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m happy to announce that my website is up and running, and better than ever.

What’s changed?

Well…good question. The website is now cleaner and easier to follow. I have categorized galleries, new up-to date headshots, a tag line, a logo, a telephone number (sooo official!) a marketing scheme, and a mission.

What’s next?

LOTS! This is just the beginning. Be on the look out for some cool projects I have up my sleeve involving dance. I’m also going to be looking to try out some new session ideas, and will be looking to give away FREE sessions. Keep a look out for that!

Thanks for being patient! Looking forward to sharing all the fun things coming down the road.

xoxo ~ Linds

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